At Brass Hat we use the Sony DCR-TRV20 Digital Video Camera
*Digital Video Format
Digital vs Analog:  The Digital Video format offers more precise image detail and color accuracy than previously possible with analog video cameras.  The superior quality of digital video results from:
*Higher Resolution - up to 520 lines of horizontal resolution provide sharper picture detail, by recording more color information (exceeding even the NTSC broadcast standard)
*Component Color Sampling-preserves three times more color information than analog VHS and S-VHS video, for brighter and truer colors.
*Time Base Correction - stabilizes the picture, eliminating video jitters.
*Error correction - fills in missing video data, providing seamless, professional-looking video
*Mega-Pixel Advanced HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCD Imaging Device
1/4" CCD with 1,070,000 pixels provides stunning detail and clarity, with exceptional video and still image performance.  This means crisp, realistic still pictures with printed and more than 520 lines of horizontal video resolution through the lens.  Advanced HAD provides stunning detail and clarity, with exceptional video and still image performance.  The superior quality Advanced HAD design CCD imager reduces noise in the video signal to  improve signal-to-noise ratio by up to 6dB (2 times better than a standard CCD).  Particularly effective when shooting black objects or while shooting in dark situations.
*Memory Mode Still Image Capture Using Memory Stick Digital Storage Media.
Lets you capture high-quality (1152 x 864) still images and store them on Memory Stick digital media.  Memory Stick greatly simplifies transfer of photos from your camera to you PC.
With Adobe Premiere we can edit stock footage, apply transistions, filters, effects, add audio soundtracks, filters and effects, and much more.
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