The quintessence Rock Band of the 90's and a favorite of the Missoula area, this group Rocked the local Scene. To the left we have Screaming Dave Tallmadge. His Sweet Lics and Screaming Leads gave this band their cutting edge sound. Next is Jimmy Falcon. The man behind the Booming  Bottom End, and Bass Player Extraordinaire. On the Drums we have Jack the rest of his name is to long to list, but his driving beats were the backbone of the band. And to the right Mr. Eric Gunderson. Rythum Guitarist and singer of the lead vocals, his enchanting melodies could bring chills down your spine.
For More On The Band Check Out Their Brass Hat Productions Web Page at and on sale now at Brass Hat Productions On-line Store Days Gone By. A collection of  original music from the band that was truely ahead of it's time. Also Listen to the title track Days Gone By on our Demo Songs Page.
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