Rob Carlson
Partner and Executive Producer of Brass Hat Procuctions, Rob has dedicated the last 16 years to music production and recording. A drummer and vocalist and veteran of many bands Rob brings a real life perspective to the unique art of music production. A native of  Montana Rob got his start in recording in his home town of Missoula. There he started his first traveling recording business. He would set up his equipment at  your location and do all production work there and all post production work from home. This earned him the first hand knowledge of acoustics and recording at remote locations. The first studio came later. A moderate one room basment recording studio in his first house. At this time Rob had become involved with a local  community accsess television station. This is where Rob started with the video end of music production. Fate then brought Rob and his family to Columbus Nebraska. In Columbus Rob ran the Premier recording studio and production company for Columbus and the surronding area. Brass Hat Productions. After a successful run in Columbus and another move, Brass Hat Productions settled into its final destination in Terre Haute Indiana. Now embarking into a new era, Brass Hat Productions is serving Terre Haute with a  dedication to exelence that can't be matched by any other production facility in the area.

Merri Carlson
Partner and CFO, in charge of finances and business management. Merri is truly the backbone of Brass Hat Productions. Merri, also originally from Montana, and as the name has it Wife to Rob Carlson,  is a very important part, of the behind the seens action, at Brass Hat Productions.

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